ale 1970

Sometimes we don’t know WHAT we doing,
but we know WHY we doing it….

I established Copetti Alessandro Design & Architecture, my first  firm in 1992,

…let me saying in this way, ….at beginning was really a kind of  “guest starting under stair case studio” at the first project that happen to me…was in Denmark during my first job: Casa Shop in Copenhagen.

I was first involved with designs for shops, houses and receptions desks. Before that I did alot of experiences in job sites, working with  materials and so…since was little boy I used to play around concrete, building tools, eletrical stuff as my father has a eletrician company  and I used to follow him after school and join him on job with his team work.

During the prime time of experiences I worked for several architecture and design studios. Furthermore i visiting many design exhibitions and trade shows, visiting the most important companies with design and marketing oriented vision in Italy, Germany, Denmark, England, France.

I ‘ve always been fascinated by the elegance of simple things and sometimes the style of a person or a characteristic of a look. My attention was always aimed to create something, invent and gamble the same way The main principle of our design is to aim to become the forefront of design and emphasize craftsmanship traditions.

We love to merge geographical local features as a method to express our thoughts and respect for the arts and human people. One of our originality comes from the use of materials and mix them together. We restructure the visual and physical attributes of materials found from different situations, as demolished old architecture or the true materials who inspire us,  as  iron, natural stone, timber and bricks – to incorporate them in our design to enhance the elegance of the space.

I believe this is a way to respect and at the same time be part of nature. Furthermore, the importance of our design is the approach and the philosophy with our clients, is an interaction way to express and contaminate with them,  is a lateral thinking way to place together our thoughts trought the using of materials the natural changes surrounding us such as water, clouds, wind and light. I always use to say that the television is a color lamp and that we do not project the lights but the shadows.

All materials have their own dignity and is important to create a nice atmosphere and human balance with them.

Sometimes and very often a woman of the desert is much more elegant than a city woman. The details come out from simplicity and as may many others said before me:   ” simplicity is one of the most difficult thing in the world” .                   

Alessandro Copetti