Alessandro Copetti was born in Gemona del Friuli (Udine-Italy ) on 19th August, 1964, year of Dragon.

In 1992 he founded the first design studio in Copenhagen , the Copetti Alessandro Design & Architecture, where he started his carrier designing the Casa Shop show room, nominated the best Shop of the year by NAT & DAG magazine in 1993.

Alessandro Copetti  was founder and chief designer of  Syn Factory Srl in Italy, a creative design lab and product design manufacturing : the “motto” was to create symbiosis between technology and design to humanize technology. Clients cover the most well known brands including design consultancy for the flagship store of Giorgio Armani , and Nikki Beach ,  the design terrace layout from 2006 to 2008 at Venice Biennale Film Festival and important industry brands as Fantoni, Moroso, BMW Muenchen, Korodur International, Snaidero, Eggenberg, Ikea.

Copetti has been involved in art and design projects as for Nikki Beach, Jaeger- LeCoultre , Quintessentially Italy, U-vola Events, Respiro, Musica sulle Bocche, Eggenberg Bier. From 2006 has been consultant for the concept design, including scenes and took care of the preparation of the main terrace venue at the Venice Lido International Film Festival, clients as Jaeger LeCoultre, Patrizia Pepe, Red Bull, Sky, Forst, Quintessentially, Nikki Beach, Ken Barrell , interacted with his projects.

In 2009 he moved to China, where he founded Copetti Design Limited, a studio dedicated to interior design, architecture, graphic e communication. He designed several house concepts, bars and restaurants, public spaces and developed fashion and shenography presentations, in 2010 Pizza Pino and Dada cafè and Dada meeting Point in Ningbo, and recently in 2011 the Polo Club Resort “Lake House” in Shanghai-Huaqiao. Mr. Copetti has studied at the Venice Architecture School  and from 1992 to 1995 at University of Architecture Copenhagen, at the Royal Arts Accademy of Fine Arts where he was invited for one year as a guest student. He attended master courses with Tadao Ando, Eric Oven Moss, Jens Kvorning, Finn Barnow, Gino Valle, Isao Osoe, Nicola Sinopoli, Franco Laner.

Since the beginning of his young age, he liked to play with materials and their cultural interactions. In 1994 he develop a new concept of floor surfaces cement based called Copetti Floor with Korodur International GmbH, in Germany.

In early 2012 he founded Sur-Faces  a creative lab workshop of architectural surfaces green friendly and based of natural materials and products. SUR-FACES is the new brands for that activities in China. Those are not just a brand for materials but also wants to be active in the formation of work teams with skilled labor teams for the needs of the architectural, environmental and cultural fields. With Sur-Faces he introduced some innovative tecniques for the flooring and surfaces art installation in China , in particular the evolution of KCL  Korodur Copetti Levelling called KORODUR COPETTI TRU, in co-operation with Korodur and the american company CTS. For the China market will be integrated by the italian partner  Lorenzo Sorgato team.

His objectives is to build a studio Workshop Accademy in Shanghai and in Italy.

He is also  the designer of U-Vola™ speakers, “the flying egg” , an unique innovative high quality suspended loudspeaker, produced by Syn Factory,  with which he won international recognition and several major awards, including: IF Design Award Hannover , BIO 16 Ljubljana ’98, 2002 CES design award Las Vegas, Good Design Award Chigago 2002, Innovation Award FVG 2004, ADI Design, Top Audio Award 2008, the Golden Compilation Tokyo etc. Several of important international events have used U-vola on the venues and installations. Among his customers we can find Spike Lee, Giorgio  Armani, Madonna, Elio Fiorucci, Robbie Williams, Chris Sievernich, Edward J. Campbell, Stefano Amerio, Maurizio Felluga, U.T. Gandhi, Lanvin Paris, Claude Challe, Mrs. Fuchs.

With U-vola™ has develop numerous events and partnership with musicians and producers as U.T Gandhi, Enzo Favata, Artesuono and Stefano Amerio studios, Glauco Venier, Dino Saluzzi and Joe Zawinul , the jazz legend founder of the Weather Report and recently act with the Zawinul Syndicates, was one of his best friend in the music panorama, he has published its last two musical works in collaboration with U-vola for the mastering work. With U-vola™Events, he organized several concerts in Italy and has sponsored music festival as Musica sulle Bocche, Respiro, Vocalia, Udine Jazz, Siena Jazz, Terni Jazz. Is foreseen some interaction work with the founder of ECM Manfred Eicher and the develop of meeting points  in China with the U-vola sound system and Copetti design interior.

In 2011 he start a collaboration for design with Asianera one of most prestigious company in fine hand painted Bone China and he partnered with China World, a consulting company for creative investments.