Work in Progress

Making the pasta is like architecture, is the same soup. What is important is to know the ingredients and cook. Cooking for me means the job site work, the dream of the client, the emotions of the spaces, the direct selection of materials and their relationship with light for example. The sizing for me is […]


Details are important for me, is a way to brief on job site and on drawing table. It is a role of my immagination and the things happen between me and my interactions. So I always care and push my peole of little aspects, that can be the at the end the true of everything. […]


We love materials, so we create Sur-faces a brand name and a structure that allows us to create special architectural surfaces with our design and touch. Green friendly, technically innovative, mix of tradition and modern features and sometimes even funny.


Nowadays market is experiencing the rising of the fusion between High-Tech and Design. People are now looking for innovative solutions that can aesthetically improve their spaces. U-vola™ speakers is one of the few products that, merging technology and design, can be the best solution for this purpose, and we are sure of the big potentiality […]